Dota 2 Rules

1. Game: Dota 2

Methods of competition: Matches (5-man team, at most 2 substitutes)
Eligibility: 16 years old and over
Admission: Free

2. Game Format:

Stage 1 – Qualifier 1 (Top 4 advance)
Format: Single Elimination – Best of 1

Stage 2 – Top 4
Format: Single Elimination – Semis (BO3) and Finals (BO5) per match-up

3. Determining a winner:

– The first team to destroy the opponent’s Ancient Fortress

– Fastest aggregate win time (add all win times, shortest wins (fastest))

4. Configuration of the Matches

Side Selection
– First team to have all 5 players in a broadcasted match lobby will have first priority to choose side or first pick.
Match Settings
– Match : 5 vs 5
– Game mode : Captains mode
– Server : Singapore/SEA
– Enable cheats: Disable
– Fill empty slots with bots: Disable
– All chat: Disable
– Version: Tournament
– Broadcasting & Observing: Enable
– DOTA TV delay time: 3 minutes
In-game regulation
– If a player disconnect during the match, the effected match will pause immediately until the disconnected player rejoins the match.
Voice Programs
– Players can be available only on Mumble & TeamSpeak & Ventrilo & Skype & DOTA2 in-game voice.
Console Mode
– Players can use console mode.
– Saved console file(autoexec.cfg) of player is not permitted.

5. Forbidden Behaviour

– If a player of a team commits misconduct or any inappropriate act in a team event, the referee may take disciplinary action against the team which can include a caution, warning, forfeit, or expulsion.
– When a player of a team uses settings exceeded the basic setting range through client manipulation, the referee may bestow to the team a “forfeit.”
– No Multiclan. A player may only play in one team.

6. Accounts

– Players will use their steam accounts, but steam must be set to busy.

7. Disconnection Processes

– When disconnected, the player shall report it to the referee through Steam Client chat or official communication portal
– In the event of either the referee or observer PC malfunctioning, the match shall continue if it’s considered to have no influence on the match. Time will be given for players to refocus and reorganize their strategies. Event marshals may operate the matches flexibly, changing depending on the situation.
– In the situations listed below, relevant matches shall become void, and a re-match shall be conducted:
– In the case of unidentified bugs or unintentional occurrences of bugs.
– When the decision of a win/loss is impossible to decide by the progress of the match.
– In the situations listed above, if the win/loss is decided by the marshal’s decision, the result is announced at the completion of the match.

8. Change of Rules

– When match rules are revised because of specific circumstances, the host has the obligation to announce revisions via website or any other viable source.
– This regulation applies to ‘ASUS ROG Masters 2017 Philippines Qualifier’, and may be altered in the following cases:
– Rules are subject to change after the release of new patches.
– Upon discovery of other unreasonable factors
– In any occasion that a team will qualify in the top 4. Only 1 team manager/analyst will be allowed to escort the team.
– Teams must be composed of at least 51% of players from the same country. Nationality is defined as their holding the passport of the related country or being permanent resident (181 days at least) of the country.

9. Prize

Grand Prize: 125,000 + ROG MASTERS 2017 APAC Regionals Slot + ROG Trophy

Top 4: ROG Masters 2017 Elite Gaming Uniforms


– The Champion will compete again on ROG Masters 2017 APAC Regionals (Date will be announced)

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